710 Closed Loop Extraction System - 1.5lb (700g) Capacity

710 Closed Loop Extraction System - 1.5lb (700g) Capacity

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All our descriptions and images have come direct from the breeders who operate in a legal climate much different to that within the United Kingdom. Take note, you should NEVER try cultivating any cannabis plants within ANY jurisdiction where such cultivation is illegal. Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as a curio or novelty item and should never be germinated. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!



All parts made from 304 Stainless Steel.

Complete safety at low temperature and high pressure.

Vacuum clamps at all interfaces make for easy clean. High Polish Interior.

Gaskets are designed for Oil Processing. Temp range (-20…+200)oC.

Type of tube dry ice  3” x 36” (76mm x 900mm). Volume 4l.   Jacket can be used to pump fluid through to assist in production  

Tubes Hold either 700g (24 oz) of dry material (Approximately).




1 x platter 6" x 2"
1 x spool 6 "x 12"
1 x lid 6 "  1 x1.5"  2 x1/4" FNPT
4 x ball valve 1/4 " MNPT
4 x Jic adapter  1/4"
1 x T-type adapter 3x 1/4"
1 x Pressure gauge 
1 x ball valve 1"
1 x reducer 1,5" to 3" 
1 x dry ice sleeve 3" x36" .         (500mm), 1.5" from open, 2.5"from closed, drain port 1/4"npt 
1 x end cap 3" 1x 1/4" FNPT
1 x braided hose 2m (78")
1 x lid 6 "  1 x1/4" FNPT
1 x spoll with bottom 6"x12"
3 x 6" high pressure clamp
2 x 1.5" high pressure clamp 
2 x 3" high pressure clamp 
3 x 6" viton gasket 
2 x 1.5" viton gasket  
1 x 3" viton gasket 
1 x 3" viton gasket with mesh 





USE ONLY OUTDOORS. FOR NATURAL & LEGAL PLANT OIL EXTRACT e.g Hops, safron oil , flower essence for purfume etc.


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